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Kabob Meats

Kabob Meats

1 lb per pkg
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Close your eyes and imagine a breezy summer evening with the grill snapping and hints of barbeque thick in the air. This is your kabob, always ready to be the perfect dinner for you! Precut and ready to cook, our Kabob Meats make it easy for you to choose healthy without comprising convenience! These Kabob Meats are delicious strung on a skewer along with green and red pepper, onion, pineapple, and mushroom! Our Kabob Meats are sure to bring satisfaction. A little more on the lean size, don’t let the cut fool you on the taste. This incredibly tasty cut is a great-value, lean steak that you can feel great about eating. All of our beef are pasture-raised and never fed any antibiotics or growth hormones. 100% natural.