Nature’s Sweetest Gift

Nature the Sweet Way

This is raw honey with recognized natural health benefits and an amazing flavor. Stir it into your tea. Drizzle it on your toast. Add it to recipes in place of sugar. Enjoy raw honey the way God meant it to be!

Raw honey has been neither heated nor filtered. Unless you see the term raw on a honey label, you can assume that it’s processed. Most honeys, including pure and natural ones, are treated to prevent fermentation and preserve it in a liquid state in order to keep it from crystallizing. These techniques make the product more appealing to consumers; shoppers generally prefer to pick up a bottle of clear, golden honey, because that’s what we’re used to. Advocates for eating raw honey believe those who choose conventional honey might be missing out on certain benefits: better taste, more enzymes, more antioxidants, & the ability to relieve allergies.

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