What's up with the
dairy for cats and dogs?

So, you're wondering what's up with the dairy for cats & dogs. Let me try to explain this unique situation.

If you lived in or picked up in Indiana, you'd be able to purchase our raw milk for humans. But, we cannot send it across state lines. We can, however, send our raw milk for cats & dogs to all US states.

We produce all of our products to the highest standards. For this reason, we choose to produce our raw pet milk to the same standards as our raw milk for humans in Indiana. The only difference is the label! But, because of the label, the farm can only recommend the pet milk for cats & dogs.

And again, even though we choose to follow rigorous quality and safety standards and make these products in the same way the farmer's wife makes them at home for her family, we can only recommend our raw pet dairy products for cats & dogs.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I know the raw milk is safe for my pets?

First off, no raw food (including lettuce) is 100% safe. When feeding raw food, there is always a chance of potentially dangerous pathogens. That being said, we take safety very seriously. For the raw milk for pets, we follow precise guidelines, and that includes testing every batch of milk on site for general bacteria counts.

Do you heat the pet milk or pet dairy products?

Our raw milk for humans and pets and our plain raw pet dairy (cream, butter, colostrum, etc) are never heated.

Can I freeze raw pet dairy?

Yes, it is possible to freeze raw pet dairy. But there are 2 things to keep in mind: 1) Some pets simply don't like the flavor or texture of previously frozen dairy. Some pets don't notice a difference. 2) The longer raw pet dairy is frozen, the more probiotic loss.

How long will raw pet dairy last after I receive it?

Our raw pet milk should last about 2 weeks after you receive it. Fresh pet dairy products (cream, yogurt, kefir, etc) should last 10 days after you receive it.