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Breakfast Blend Bulk Sausage (10 lb)

Breakfast Blend Bulk Sausage (10 lb)

Check out our 25 lb and 50 lb quanties as well!

While certainly delicious crumbled over eggs first thing in the morning, our Breakfast Sausage isn’t limited to the sunrise! We only use meat from our hormone-free, pasture-raised pigs, ensuring you’ll experience satisfaction in every bite! Treat yourself with a package of fresh pork today.

Brenneman Farms Brand will ensure you pork that is:  pasture and woods raised, raised without antibiotics, non-confined, no added hormones,  and locally grown in the rolling hills of Jay County, Indiana!

The ground pork comes in an individual, vacuum-sealed package to ensure freshness and no flavor loss. Brenneman Farms Breakfast Blend Bulk Sausage conveniently comes in 1 pound packages to fulfill your choice weight.



Pork, Water, Salt, Dextrose, Sugar, Natural Spices, Natural Flavoring