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Whole Beef Deposit

Whole Beef Deposit

Deposits for Quarter | Half | Whole Beef

Fill your freezer with your choice of custom cuts and packages as a quarter, half, or whole grassfed and grass-finished beef raised here on our family farm. Buying custom bulk beef allows you to purchase up to a year’s worth of beef at one low price per pound. You pay the same price per pound for Ribeye steaks and Prime Rib roasts as you do for Ground Beef.

No matter how you order your locally raised custom bulk beef, you’ll receive the maximum number of cuts for the size of beef you select. The quantity of each cut may vary due to the weight of the animal, the steak thickness you select, and the size of roast you select.

Our family-raised beef is processed at Byron Center Meats in Michigan.

The prices below are estimates based on our average-sized beef hanging weight. 

Quarter Beef: 135 - 170 lb @ $5.00 per lb + Processing Fee $1 per lb = $810 – $1,020

Half Beef: 275 - 350 lb @ $4.75 per lb + Processing Fee $1 per lb = $1,581 – $2,013

Whole Beef: 550 - 650 lb @ $4.50 per lb + Processing Fee $1 per lb = $3,025 – $3,575

Final payment (minus deposit) will be due at time of pickup/delivery

Check out how your beef is raised!

What is Custom Bulk Beef?

Purchasing customized beef in bulk, directly from family farms like us, is the most economical way to purchase beef. Simply put, you fill your freezer for less per pound than you pay as individual cuts – you pay the same price per pound for Ribeye steaks and Prime Rib roast as you do for Ground Beef. Our price per pound is calculated on the hanging weight of the animal. Our custom bulk beef is available in three sizes: quarter beef, half beef, or whole beef.

Customize your bulk beef order from start to finish

  • Steak Thickness
  • Roast Size
  • Pounds of Ground Beef/Package
  • Your Choice of Steaks
  • Your Choice of Roasts
  • Your Choice of Ribs
  • Your Choice of Stew Meat
  • Your Choice of Organ Cuts

Paying for your Custom Bulk Beef

When you purchase custom bulk beef, you will have two costs: the beef and the processing. Payment for your beef is due to Brenneman Farms and we require a partial deposit to secure your beef at the time of order. Your final payment for your beef is determined by the weight of your animal and will be determined the day your beef is taken to the butcher. Payment for processing your custom bulk beef is a separate cost and is due to our local butcher at the time of pick-up.